About Us... Tolley Meadow Farmsteading is family owned and was founded in 2013... on a 30 acre site located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Originally, the land had only a few blueberry bushes, apple and pear trees, planted by the previous owners. By the end of the first year, we had developed a tiered vegetable garden, introduced raspberries, blackcurrant, blackberries, grapes and began nursing the apple and pear trees back to health.  We also built a rabbit hutch and chicken coop as our first foray into managing livestock. By the end of the fourth year, we had planted additional fruit trees and expended our selection of grapes to become the foundation for a future vineyard. We had grown our livestock breeds to include geese, ducks, turkeys, guinea hens, cattle and sheep.

We have been fortunate to have two small creeks running through the property which combined with proper soil management has enabled use to build upon and continue the traditions of "homegrown" healthy foods. Tolley Meadow Farmsteading provides opportunities for people to connect with their food sources while consistently practicing responsible, sustainable agriculture practices.

We have benefited from both personal experience, as well as, a formal education in agricultural to develop and practice responsible, sustainable agriculture practices. We believe in the philosophy of land and animal stewardship. Our family farm allows us to share the challenges and rewards of growing food in our community as part of a larger movement of cultural nourishment.




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