Back in 2013... Our family and farming aspirations founded a small farm on the land that is now Tolley Meadow Farmsteading. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains where agriculture, farming and livestock have deep roots. We have been fortunate to tap into that foundation and build upon and continue the traditions of "homegrown" healthy foods.

We use organic practices with an emphasis on soils, seed choices and diversity. We grow flavorful, non-GMO foods to offer healthier choices to our community.  Our family farm
provides opportunities for people to connect with their food sources while consistently practicing responsible, sustainable agriculture practices.

We raise grass-fed and grass finished Scottish Highland cattle and Suffolk sheep. Our cattle and sheep herds' diet consists of a mixture of grasses and clover, which produces meat high in protein and anti-oxidants. In addition, we also raise Flemish Giant rabbits, and a variety of poultry and water fowl.




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